The University of Calgary Firearms Association (UCFA) is dedicated to promoting responsibility in the ownership and operation of firearms in all its disciplines. To do this we run a variety of events at low costs, offer licensing and training opportunities for students at significantly reduced prices, and offer mentorship and experience at no cost to those interested. In order to provide all of these opportunities we rely heavily on both sponsorship from larger organizations and support from our individual members and benefactors, all of whom provide the means for us to run an organization dedicated to new and experienced shooters alike.

In the years since its inception the UCFA has become an active player in the firearms community on all fronts. We have a part in portraying the firearms community in a good light, and have made great strides in increasing firearms awareness and education both on and off campus. In the years to come the UCFA will continue to provide the firearms community with the training, experience, and dedication that comes from our fantastic executive team and volunteer group.


There are three ways that you can help support the UCFA. You can donate to us using a major credit card or PayPal account, buy merchandise from our online store (coming soon!), or contact us if you would be interested in donating a tangible gift. Whether it be ammunition, club use firearms, targets, or a cheque, anything helps! Every little bit goes a long way and is truly appreciated.