The University of Calgary Firearms Association (UCFA) is dedicated to training its members of all levels in the safe operation, storage, use and transportation of firearms. It is also a discussion and social group for target shooters, hunters and even firearms enthusiasts. We run firearm target shooting, volunteering, firearms licensing and social events for our members at discounted rates.

The club was founded on September 2nd, 2013. Officially, we are a University of Calgary Student's Union sanctioned club and run our events and activities in accordance with the regulations of the University of Calgary.

While the current Canadian Constitution does not guarantee the right of private citizens to bear arms, Canadian law allows for licensed firearms holders to legally acquire and use firearms in a recreational capacity. In addition, Canada has a rich history of firearms use which continues to stir the imagination. Our club seeks to uphold the tradition of responsible firearms ownership and use.

We are proudly the first operational firearms club in a Western Canadian University, in recent memory. We are proud to carry on a heritage of responsible firearms ownership and use dating back over a century. We are the University of Calgary Firearms Association!