Oscar Wronski


03/2016 ‒ Geography 3rd year


Oscar’s motto is "Aim small, miss small” because he believes that the only thing stopping you is yourself. In the past he has set his aim on always going farther and pushing himself harder. Oscar has been involved in the UofC football team, Alberta Bobsleigh team and also represented Canada in Park City 2015. Oscar started hunting when he was 10 years old, and fell in love with shooting since. One way to make him smile is to take him shooting, dirt biking or camping.

Chester Liu


04/2017 ‒ Bachelor of Education 2nd Year


Chester is in the second year of his Bachelor of Education. He is a trap and skeet shooting enthusiast, and also loves his Russian surplus. He has been shooting for about three years and has now amassed a small pile of firearms.

Mitchell Aschenbrenner


04/2018 Chesmistry



Mesa Komarevich


03/2016 ‒ Computer Science 4th year


Some say that Mesa is not human, but an otherworldly entity fueled solely by caffeine, stress, and CUDA accelerated C++ libraries. When he’s not spending far too long improving the efficiency of the programs he’s writing, he can be found playing video games, shooting guns, or playing airsoft with BB guns worth more than all his real firearms combined. His favourite firearm is his Blaser R8, which he hopes to be able to hit targets at 1000 meters with, one day.

Regina Ordonez


04/2017 ‒ Applied Mathematics 5th Year


When not at school trying to pass the semester I'll be at boxing training for a future fight. Some of the most important things in life are family, friends and tequila (according my traditional Mexican culture).


Delano Civitarese


09/2013 ‒ Graduated Mechanical Engineering


"... A country attitude that demands mutual respect" was how one newspaper described Delano. Some in the city would simply describe him as a "... rough character." This fancy hick plays a large part in the hands on work of club operations. Outside of firearms, he attempts to survive his engineering degree with his sanity in tact and is no stranger to the gym. Truly, the hammer of the west.

Michelle Nguyen


2016 ‒  Biochemistry 3rd Year


Hard working. Dependable. Motivating. Those are the words that describe Michelle's coffee maker. Michelle is a second year Biochemistry major at the University of Calgary who is new to shooting but nevertheless excited to support the UCFA. When it comes to business, some say she has a strict, won't-take-no-for-an-answer attitude... But you could probably bribe her with chocolate, preferably milk chocolate hazelnut hedgehogs.

Janek Wildomski


2016 ‒ Mechanical Engineering 4th Year


Janek is an engineering student with an unfortunate knack for finding interest only in the most expensive of hobbies. Therefore it is only natural that he found himself with a passion for firearms, and thus a collection that is growing by the second. It is that passion paired with a love of introducing people to the sport that brought him to the UCFA in the start of the 2015 Fall semester. If not crying over his homework, Janek is probably at work or doing something related to firearms, sailing, firearms, or firearms.

Aaron Lim


2016 ‒ History 4th Year


My name is Aaron Lim and I am going into my 4th Year as a History major. I have been a member of the UCFA since my first semester and decided to become an executive for this year. I am an avid firearms enthusiast and reloader. Outside of school I enjoy the outdoors camping, hiking, and biking. I work part time in the Canadian Army Reserves as a Supply Technician. I have a passion for promoting the shooting sports and look forward to this year working with the UCFA.

Peter Stegeman


11/2013 ‒ Graduated Mechanical Engineering


Peter, a true man of the range joined back when the club first started, and has been active ever since. Aside from his obvious interest in firearms of all kinds, Peter also enjoys gaming, biking, climbing, chilling with friends, and doing tedious engineering homework. If he had to pick a favourite firearm from his collection it would have to be his Weatherby Vanguard Series 2 in 270 Win.

Sean Stegeman


04/2017 ‒ Operations Management 3rd Year


Sean has always been fascinated by firearms ever since being introduced to them through video games. He enjoys bringing out friends and new shooters to teach them the fundamentals of shooting and to show off his ever expanding collection of firearms. When he isn’t busy preparing for endless business presentations, Sean enjoys watching movies, listening to music, and most of all hanging out with friends.

Evan Orisko


04/2017 ‒ Law & Society 1st Year


Evan comes from the province of Manitoba. From a very early age, he was taught how to hunt and shoot. Most firearms come naturally to Evan and he has a distinct love for them. He favors his Husqvarna thirty-ought-six rifle, mostly because that was the gun he grew up with. When he moved to Calgary, it seemed only natural to find a club that would let him shoot. Evan spends his time outside of firearms running, farming, and praying that this exam will go better the last.

Keenan Peterson


11/2014 ‒ SAIT Mechanical Engineering Technologist 2nd Year


Known as the "Man in Black" Keenan is an incredibly enthusiastic firearms owner. As a Machinist he appreciates the intricacies of firearms mechanics and has the mechanical know-how to visualize and replicate how they operate. For him, firearms are Art in Metal. When he's not working or helping others, Keenan can be found at his computer; often conducting firearms research or flying WWII fighter planes.


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